“Over 50 Years of Growth – From Warralong Dance Studio to Studio 53”


From 1967 Lynette Denny has brought 50 years of passion for the arts and commitment to bringing the absolute highest quality of training and facilities to the region of Mackay.

 Warralong Dance Studio was Lynette’s first purpose built studio in Norris Rd, North Mackay in 1967 and it expanded to the larger Warralong Dance Centre at the current premises at 53 Gregory Street, Mackay, in 1976.

Once more, in 1992 the premises expanded to become Theatre Arts Mackay, offering classes, not only in dance – but also drama, music theatre, voice, and music with additional studio spaces provided to support the new disciplines offered. Finally, in 2014, in its latest incarnation, the building has evolved into a premium arts space for all.

It has found new life as Studio 53 Mackay.

Lynette has an incredible history within the Arts Community of Mackay, not only through this flagship dance school but also for her role in creating The Mackay Musical Comedy Players, alongside musical stalwart Jack Sturgeon.

Having now entered a phase as a freelance teacher, choreographer, mentor and coach, Lynette looks forward to the wonderful studio spaces of Studio 53 being made available for the use of the entire Mackay Arts community.

Her vision is for locals and guest professionals alike to use the space, to continue providing quality, diverse and exciting arts training and opportunities to both the youth and adults of Mackay and its surrounding areas.

Lynette, and her four daughters, each bring with them a strong history working in artistic pursuits themselves and have strong ties with Australia’s professional arts community.  They are well placed to steer Studio 53 into a bright future that will reflect the passions and energies of its past.

It is with much happiness, pride and joy that they invite you to become part of the exciting history of this incredible space, by using the facilities to both further and enjoy your own artistic and creative pursuits.