If you have been wanting to incorporate a daily practice into your wellbeing then perhaps Tai Chi is for you.  Monday through Saturday, Renae Covey from Tai Chi for Health is sharing her passion and knowledge at Studio 53 Mackay.  There are lots of classes to choose from so choose one or choose many, but take some time to do something for you.

Renae Covey is a strong believer in health, wellness, mental stability and the overall general well being of one’s body and mind. Renae trained to become a Tai Chi Instructor 7 years ago after a severe health scare. Previously learning the forms of Tai Chi during her mother’s rehab regime after her severe brain aneurysm, this gentle practice of Tai Chi made Renae rethink her way of life which then inspired her to become a instructor and share the gift of Tai Chi to others.  (A total career change from school teaching and Head of Department – The Arts)
Tai Chi is suitable for all ages. The practice of Tai chi enables us to unblock blocked meridians and to keep them clear. This enables us to live with much less stress on both the mind and body.

Staying safe and strong whilst using energy with stillness and calmness is Renae’s motto during her Tai Chi classes.

For more information email Renae directly on musicbycovey@bigpond.com


On a physical level, Tai Chi exercises every muscle and tendon in the body without increasing the heart rate. These slow excercises induce relaxation into the heart and blood vessels to increase the capacity of the heart and lungs to take more blood around the body. Hence more cells of the body get more life-giving oxygen, enabling them to live longer in a healthier state. Tai Chi also helps with mental health and overall wellbeing for all ages.

Renae Covey

Owner and Instructor, Tai Chi for Health