Hi From Us Hirers


March 17, 2020
Hands on a Ballet Barre

We feel it timely to remind everyone that Studio 53 Mackay is a multi user facility and that the safety of everyone is in the hands of each and every individual that walks through our doors.  We are keeping a close watch on the current situation with Covid-19 and want to let you know that providing a safe studio environment is our top priority.

Each hirer will have their own response to the situation and as a building Studio 53 Mackay we will be here to support those choices.
Please remember – each individual is at the front line in defending themselves and the community from the spread of the virus.

With that in mind we have put together these guidelines to ensure we can keep all hirers and users healthy.

Please wash or sanitise your hands before and after touching the barre

• As users of the facility, help us keep everyone safe by going to the restroom upon entering the building and washing your hands.
• If you have hand sanitiser – please use it!  There are shortages of many of these products at the moment and we are doing our best to get some for the building.
• We will be installing hand sanitiser in the foyer as soon as it becomes available and we have added extra cleaning of barres and bathrooms.
• We encourage each teacher to have their own spray disinfectant to use before and after each class on the barres.
Avoid body contact
• Please talk to your children, students and clients about reducing physical contact with others for the time being.
Stay at home if you are feeling unwell 
• If you or your child is feeling unwell, please, stay at home until you know that you are better.


Please remember that fresh air and sunshine are a really great start to healthy bodies and minds.

Keep up the fresh fruit and veges and drink plenty of water.

Smile, have patience and respect and be supportive of each other. 

This will be a testing time, but we will come through it together.

Classical Contemporary Contemporary Ballet Creative Company Z Dance Hi From Us Hirers

Rehearsals have begun!

February 24, 2020
Classical dancers audition for new contemporary company

Over the weekend the first rehearsals were on for the exciting new dance company under the artisic direction of Zeak Tass.  We are all very excited to see the works created in this, the very first season of  “Contemporary Ballet Creative Company Z”

Following an amazing audition to find the perfect dancers, the company kick started their rehearsals on Sunday the 23rd February at Studio 53 Mackay.  Now the company dancers have been discovered and announced, there will be weekends of choreography, interpretation, dedication and hard work in advance of the Company’s Launch here in Mackay.  We are so excited to view the Classical Ballet & Contemporary Collaboration Performance soon to come.

Congratulations to the company dancers – 

Kiara Medhurst, Karah Moore, Meg Lando, Regan Walker, Demi Sammut, Emelina March-peach, Zara Voll, Bronte Vella, Brianna Phillips, Jessica Radunz, Tyla Saron, Sarah Keyte, Jessie Borg, Jemima Burgess, Tahlia Doolan

and congratulations to their teachers, parents and mentors who have encouraged them to embrace the challenges of new choreographic styles and non syllabus work – it is so rewarding to see what all the training and classes are for – expression through dance.

I would like to kindly thank all Dancers who participated through the process and also to the Parents/Guardians for allowing your dancer to be a part of something magical. It’s time to push boundaries and explore the art form of Classical and Contemporary dance through movement and expression

Zeak Tass

Artistic Director, Contemporary Ballet Creative Company Z

Adult Classes Hi From Us Hirers Tai Chi For Health

Try Tai Chi to invigorate your day

February 21, 2020
Tai Chi in the Taglioni Studio at Studio 53 Mackay

If you have been wanting to incorporate a daily practice into your wellbeing then perhaps Tai Chi is for you.  Monday through Saturday, Renae Covey from Tai Chi for Health is sharing her passion and knowledge at Studio 53 Mackay.  There are lots of classes to choose from so choose one or choose many, but take some time to do something for you.

Renae Covey is a strong believer in health, wellness, mental stability and the overall general well being of one’s body and mind. Renae trained to become a Tai Chi Instructor 7 years ago after a severe health scare. Previously learning the forms of Tai Chi during her mother’s rehab regime after her severe brain aneurysm, this gentle practice of Tai Chi made Renae rethink her way of life which then inspired her to become a instructor and share the gift of Tai Chi to others.  (A total career change from school teaching and Head of Department – The Arts)
Tai Chi is suitable for all ages. The practice of Tai chi enables us to unblock blocked meridians and to keep them clear. This enables us to live with much less stress on both the mind and body.

Staying safe and strong whilst using energy with stillness and calmness is Renae’s motto during her Tai Chi classes.

For more information email Renae directly on


On a physical level, Tai Chi exercises every muscle and tendon in the body without increasing the heart rate. These slow excercises induce relaxation into the heart and blood vessels to increase the capacity of the heart and lungs to take more blood around the body. Hence more cells of the body get more life-giving oxygen, enabling them to live longer in a healthier state. Tai Chi also helps with mental health and overall wellbeing for all ages.

Renae Covey

Owner and Instructor, Tai Chi for Health

Dance Hi From Us Hip Hop Hirers PR Urban Dance

Paige brings her Passion to the Dance Floor

February 19, 2020
Paige Ferrando of PR Urban Dance Mackay in the Olivier Studio of Studio 53 Mackay


Paige Ferrando is new to Mackay and new to Studio 53 Mackay, but she has a lifetime of passion for dance.  Her adult classes start this Thursday evening (Feb 20) so we thought we would introduce Paige to you in her own words . . . .  


 “About me – I’m from a small country town & I started dancing when i was 4 yrs old.   I just never stopped.  I’m trained in Tap & Jazz; I’ve dabbled in cheer as an amateur coach, and I’m self taught with various Hip-Hop, Dancehall & Latin Vibe genres of dance. I’ve always taken every class I could find available so I could grow as a dancer, and keep on feeding my passion. And where there wasn’t a class available (chances are slim to none when you’re not of school age anymore) – Hello YouTube!🤗 I. Never. Stopped.


In my home town I’ve had the pleasure & honour of teaching younger children my self taught skills, instructing my own styles of dance fitness to both adults & children, participated in dance workshops & performances held & hosted by Dance North & Aus Dance QLD, and I have been a part of “Take The Floor” twice. Wherever there wasn’t an opportunity, I made one.


Now, this is NOT my day job, as much as I wish this could be 😅. I have my own business that I run & work in, in 3 different locations, I’m also a partner to an amazing man, and a mother to two beautiful young boys (3yrs old & 11mths old) that always keep me on my toes! I’m doing this because this is what I love. This is who I am.


I’ve met so many incredible people through all of these experiences, some of them now lifelong friends & that is exactly the reason I want to now share my love for dance, create an experience, and meet some more inspired people through this journey who can relate & express their passion too.  No matter how busy life gets (trust me I feel you!), you have to make time to explore your own passions & what makes you happy, whatever that may be.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, what drives your passion, what makes you the dancer you are, or want to be. These classes are a chance for you to challenge yourself , learn new skills, meet like-minded people & showcase your talent 💫

Paige Ferrando

Founder, PR Urban Dance Mackay

Hi From Us Hirers

Aikido Mackay settling in to their new digs at Studio 53

June 4, 2019

Since the beginning of Term 1 Studio 53 Mackay has become the new dojo of Aikido Mackay.

Director and Dai Sempai, Jason Kroll, has many years of training in this form of Martial Arts and is the embodiment of “The way of Harmony and Peace” which is also an approximate English translation of the word Aikido.      

AIHarmony/unionKI – Vital breath/energyDO – Way

Aikido Mackay was established over 20 years ago and trains students in Iwama Ryu Aikido under the Iwama Ryu Australia organisation, established by the late Michael Field Sensei.

Kokyu ho tachi dori (a sword taking technique)

Broken down into its simplest, physical description, Aikido techniques consists of a series of locks, pins and throws.

A throwing technique called Irimi nage

Aikido has its roots in ancient Japanese sword, staff and open-handed combat techniques.

Aiki Ken suburi (basic sword practice movements)

The founder, Sensei Morihei Ueshiba synthesised these techniques into Aikido and built in a vital element which distinguishes Aikido from other martial arts: a non-violent code of ethics.   

If the attacker doesn’t strike Aikido techniques cannot be made.   Aikido is the way of defending physical, mental and emotional attacks from a centered state of harmony within yourself.

Aikido is a breakthrough for those unhappy with aggressive competitive confrontational martial arts. It has no sex, weight or age divisions. If you must defend your life such concepts are useless. Aikido trains the mind through the body.


Aikido Mackay has classes here at Studio 53 Mackay  Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.

Call Jason Kroll Ph: 0403337888 for information if you are interested and find out more,  or drop him a line via messenger 

Classical Dance Hi From Us Hirers QueenslandBallet Workshops

When is your next Workshop?

June 4, 2018

For young aspiring dancers there is nothing more productive than a solid and well-rounded dance workshop.

Attending a Workshop means becoming stronger, learning new ways to approach your dancing, staying fit throughout the holidays, experiencing new teachers and best of all making new friends and wonderful, everlasting memories.  Of course in the lead up to examinations consolidating existing knowledge and hard earned skills but also gaining new knowledge and new skills and/or new efficient ways of implementing them is tantamount to achieving a good mark within the examination room.

Important in achieving this is to choose a good solid workshop with quality teachers. Different teachers bring a fresh new outlook to your dance and this in turn can help you find that “Aha!” moment when it all clicks into place.

This month of June we have International Dance Affair hosting an RAD Vocational Workshop with Heidi Landford from the Prue Bowen Atelier right here at Studio 53 Mackay from June 8th – 10th.   Also at Studio 53 Mackay and in the School holidays from July 9th – 13th, Jan Millard will be hosting an RAD Graded and Vocational Workshop with RAD Examiner Mrs Jan Mills-Smith and Miss Nicole Galea.

Both of these workshops last year proved to be both enjoyable and beneficial for the students so definitely two workshops not to be missed!

Don’t forget . .  it’s not all about syllabus work.   Improving your interpretation, performance quality and general technique will all show through when you finally do get to your exams – so make the most of every opportunity when it comes your way.  Queensland Ballet is hosting a master class to be taken by Rian Thompson, former student of Theatre Arts Mackay.   It will held from 4.30-6:00pm on June 20, prior to the evening performance of Swan Lake at the MECC.  After taking class, go see the performance – the art of learning through observation is a valuable skill for a dancer and should be considered a fundamental part of your training.

Master Class: With Rian Thompson  Where: The Lynette Denny Space, at the MECC   When: June 2, 4.30-6:00 Cost: $35.00

Contemporary Dance Hi From Us Hirers Tap Tapatak Oz Workshops

Tapatak Oz is returning with the incomparable Christine Denny & Adam Blanch !

April 7, 2018

It is with great excitement that we welcome Tapatak Oz back to Studio 53 for their annual workshop April 14th – 16th and this year’s workshop is shaping up to be extra special as it also features the opportunity for local studios, their teachers and their students to work with Australia’s super star contemporary teacher and choreographer Adam Blanch.

Adam is currently in demand all over Australia for his teaching, choreography and coaching of elite classical ballet and contemporary dancers, which sees him working with Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching, Ev & Bow and ED5 International, as well as running his own exclusive training programme “ Advanced Contemporary Technique with Adam Blanch” – which runs in Sydney. Adam also choreographs and coaches students for the prestigious “ Youth America Grand Prix”.

This is such an incredible opportunity for local dancers and we can not wait to have the work shop in full swing.  You can see more about Adam here:

Of course the Tapatak Oz Workshop will be running alongside this event, with local Mackay girl Christine Denny running all tap classes personally. Christine is the Director, Creator and Chief Examiner for Tapatak Oz – a modern twist on the traditional tap syllabus that has been offering examinations Australia wide for the past 10 years. For more info on Christine and Tapatak Oz – check out

Christine tells us that Mackay workshops have a special place in her heart, as these very studios are where she herself grew up and learned to tap with her mother Lynette Denny. “ The cycle of life “ as she calls it.

So – hold on to your hats everyone – Studio 53 will be buzzing from April 14th  – 16th with tap dance and contemporary dance rocking the halls. Christine and Adam are both thrilled with the response to their workshops with record numbers enrolled for this year with students and teachers from a large number of schools attending including: Dance Express Mackay, Fame Talent School, Centre Stage, Leisa Payne School of Dance, Robyn Rogers School of Dance, Aspire Performing Arts, Emerald Academy of Dance, and Theatre Arts Mackay Dance Excellence.

When asked if there were still spots available for the workshop Christine responded that there were a few spots available in the classes, but that the classes were quite full! So if you are wanting to attend – jump on line and don’t miss this opportunity!

Bookings are still open via Sticky Tickets:





Classical Dance Hi From Us Leisa Payne School of Dance

Progressive Ballet Technique – ‘balls for ballet’

February 9, 2018
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whats new to the Leisa Payne School of Dance Timetable in 2018?

Progressing Ballet Technique or PBT is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon (Educator of Students, Teachers and Professional Dancers for over 40 years) for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.

Each exercise has been developed with care and guidance with inspiring music composed by Grant Kennedy.

Robyn Franke has taken on this new training program in 2018.

“It is a wonderful additional teaching tool which will benefit the students classical ballet training greatly as well as giving them a better understanding of their own bodies and capabilities.”

It has also seen the corridors full of bouncing rubber balls and young classical dancers eager to focus on their fundamental technique.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_media_grid grid_id=”vc_gid:1518143764294-5eda2df2-e859-0″ include=”373,372,371″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Classical Contemporary Dance Hirers Jazz Leisa Payne School of Dance Tap

Leisa Payne School of Dance returns to Studio 53 Mackay – Welcome Back!

January 3, 2018
Studio 53 Mackay is looking forward to an even busier 2018 with the students from Leisa Payne School of Dance now able to take classes in Music Theatre!

Under the direction of Petar and Jessica Grulovic the Sondheim Studio is ready and waiting for all the new vocal and musical talent to fill its space.

Along with their established programmes in dance, we are thrilled to see the excellence continue and the purpose built studios being used to their full potential once again.

Leisa Payne Schoole of Dance offers  – RAD Classical Ballet, Progressing Ballet Technique, Karen Muller Private Coaching, Stretch & Conditioning, CSTD Tap, Modern Jazz & Contemporary,
Jnr & Snr Hip Hop, Acrobatic Arts, Petite Moves, Tumbling Tots, Music Theatre  and Voice.
All enquiries please contact or call ‭0412 966 726‬

Ceilidh Dance School Mackay Dance Hi From Us Highland Hirers

Highland Flair in the Halls

February 25, 2017
Highland Students at the barre
The start of First Term is always exciting and is especially so when there is something new happening in Studio 53.  A huge welcome to another of our new hirers!

Ceilidh Dance Studio Mackay now brings their Highland flair to the halls.

Term 1 marks a new beginning for Tracey Evans, Principal of Ceilidh Dance Studio Mackay, Teacher Sheryl Schneider and their students.  It is a delight to watch the Beginner Highland class being shown how to put on their dancing shoes and see them take their first steps of this beautiful dance method in the beautiful Olivier Studio.

From the Tiniest Tots to the Championship Students, dancing to the wonderful Highland Melodies – Welcome to you all!