Since the beginning of Term 1 Studio 53 Mackay has become the new dojo of Aikido Mackay.

Director and Dai Sempai, Jason Kroll, has many years of training in this form of Martial Arts and is the embodiment of “The way of Harmony and Peace” which is also an approximate English translation of the word Aikido.      

AIHarmony/unionKI – Vital breath/energyDO – Way

Aikido Mackay was established over 20 years ago and trains students in Iwama Ryu Aikido under the Iwama Ryu Australia organisation, established by the late Michael Field Sensei.

Kokyu ho tachi dori (a sword taking technique)

Broken down into its simplest, physical description, Aikido techniques consists of a series of locks, pins and throws.

A throwing technique called Irimi nage

Aikido has its roots in ancient Japanese sword, staff and open-handed combat techniques.

Aiki Ken suburi (basic sword practice movements)

The founder, Sensei Morihei Ueshiba synthesised these techniques into Aikido and built in a vital element which distinguishes Aikido from other martial arts: a non-violent code of ethics.   

If the attacker doesn’t strike Aikido techniques cannot be made.   Aikido is the way of defending physical, mental and emotional attacks from a centered state of harmony within yourself.

Aikido is a breakthrough for those unhappy with aggressive competitive confrontational martial arts. It has no sex, weight or age divisions. If you must defend your life such concepts are useless. Aikido trains the mind through the body.


Aikido Mackay has classes here at Studio 53 Mackay  Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.

Call Jason Kroll Ph: 0403337888 for information if you are interested and find out more,  or drop him a line via messenger