If this building could talk it would have many many stories to tell.

Stories of friendships won or lost, success and failure, heartbreak and regrets, joys and triumphs, hard work, sweat, tears and fears.

Stories about the people who have waited and conversed, who have walked and played, danced and stretched, sung or sewed in the halls. The people who have made music, acted, taught and danced and slogged away many hours in the studios.

So diverse a clientele from many different walks of life all together in one place, coming and going and lending their energies to the building.  Unconsciously shaping the air around them.

What is left behind when they depart?


Some good, some bad, some absolutely unbelievable.

If you have ever walked into my office here in Studio 53 you will see that my walls are plastered with pictures of the people who have in their own way left their mark on this building.  Here these amazing individuals will be forever remembered.

It doesn’t stop there however as every day new people continue their comings and goings, bringing fresh energy,  giving these walls new stories, new pictures and new moments in time for us to remember.

Each generation thereby shaping and creating their very own memories that will be told as stories to friends and family and carried into new buildings to become a part of a new story.

“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.”  – Rosa Parks