Plants make me happy.  They help keep me focussed, put a smile on my face and delight my senses in many different ways.

At Studio 53 Mackay we have quite a variety of plants in and around the building.  A few have names too…..

In our foyer is our sentinel Phoebe. She is a Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcus zamiifolia) and definitely lives up to that wonderful name.  She received a brand new pot as a Christmas present and since then hasn’t stopped sending up fresh new shoots for us to enjoy……what a gem!

Octavia and Chlorus are Phalaenopsis Orchids and sit on my desk and delight, for all to see, with glorious white blooms time and again. They are without a doubt the ballerina plants of the studio with their clean, simple but elegant lines.

Like children they all respond very well to TLC…. I nurture them, talk to them, feed and water them and they happily take care of me (and you too!!)….. by purifying the air, providing wonderful fresh oxygen to breathe and delighting (depending on the species) with beautiful and quite often scented blooms.

So as you pass don’t ignore them……for these living, breathing organisms are working hard to keep us alive. …. say hello…. greet them with a smile…


‘…. he who plants his kindness gathers love.’ 

                                                                   – Saint Basil