We would like to welcome back the Leisa Payne School of Dance to Studio 53 Mackay in 2017.

Leisa and her experienced and dedicated staff, teach and coach students from 2yrs right up to RAD Advanced 2 and beyond.

The Studio halls are alive with the energy of all these talented young people, some of them starting their training at 7 o’clock in the morning.  Now that is dedication!

(Did you know that the studios are available at special rates for students wishing to practice in our professional studios? Call Robyn for details.)

With classes ranging from Classical Ballet, Repertoire, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance to Stretching, Conditioning and Coaching it looks like the students are in for a very exciting and busy year expertly guided by teachers passionate about dance.

In between classes it’s lovely to see the boys and girls helping each other learn dance steps, helping each other out with homework, or just chatting and laughing together. It’s like one big family . . . how great to have that vibe in our building every day.

Enjoy your year guys – so fabulous to have you as part of the Studio 53 Mackay family!!