[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever stood at the bottom of a hill and wondered how on earth you would ever make it to the top?  The answer is simple….one step at a time.

Dance is like that.

Quite often you feel like you won’t ever master a certain step, rhythm, style or have the flexibility and strength needed.  With time, encouragement, guidance, hard work and practice and sometimes sheer will, the seemingly impossible can be achieved.

Important to realise, is that we aren’t all the same which means we can accomplish what we put our minds to but in many different ways and many different levels, and each needing different time depending on age, body shape and maturity of mind and body.

Finding your limitations and working within these boundaries is actually an important step towards moving forward.

It is only when we find the edge of our abilities that we learn by pushing ourselves just that little bit more (stretching our minds, our legs, our fingertips, pulling up that little bit extra, jumping that little bit higher….) slowly but surely makes these boundaries a little more elastic.

Broadening, lengthening, stretching and challenging ourselves bit by bit thereby slowly mastering new skills that enable us to reach and continue our journey on a new level that not so long ago seemed way beyond our reach.

Step by step, class by class, practice by practice climbing to new personal heights.

Take time to reflect on these achievements however small, and experience that wonderful sense of pride and enjoyment of having had the courage to step beyond what you thought were your limits.