We have upgraded our Olivier Studio by installing a second wall of mirrors along the long wall.

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Mirrors are such an important part of self correction and can be so important as a learning tool.

A huge thanks to Steve and Nathan from Porters Glass and Aluminium (another old school Mackay company dedicated to bringing the best to the region) who worked meticulously throughout the day to install this large mirror wall to be ready for use that afternoon and to be enjoyed by you – our clients!!!

This was by no means an easy task. I watched as the two men carried in all of the glass panes and then one by one carefully and precisely levelled them out into what we see now. What perfectionists, just the way we like it. Thank you so much guys! What a wonderful addition to our already premium quality studios.

The mirrors enhance the spaciousness of the studio giving it a bright and fresh new look. A wonderful smaller space perfect for student practise in readiness for their exams and upcoming competitions.  Also perfect for smaller group classes and private lessons.

Yet another wonderful thing to enjoy when you hire at Studio 53.