Studio 53 would like to say a hearty “WELCOME BACK” – and to our new clients “WELCOME ON BOARD”. We hope you have all had wonderful and relaxing holidays and are ready to twirl into 2019 with renewed energy and vigour. Over the Christmas break we have been working hard to present to you a fresh and vibrant Studio 53 Mackay.

Astaire Studio has had an extreme makeover during this time…. receiving a brand new Harlequin Dance Floor. To complement the other studios, the new flooring in Astaire is the same as used by The Australian Ballet, Queensland Ballet and many more professional dance companies. As such, the Astaire Studio has now become our new dedicated Classical and Contemporary Dance Studio space . . .

To keep the floor in pristine condition, not only for exams and workshops but to also heighten the pleasure when using this space, it has therefore been deemed a TAP SHOE FREE ZONE.

We rely on you as our clients to be vigilant and gently remind those who may go astray . . . .

Sing a cheery song as you pass by

We have also done some work outside . . . Upon your arrival to the Studio you will notice that our front garden has also received a makeover. We have put in fresh new green hedging and flowers to not only brighten up the garden but to also tantalise the senses with its wonderful scent when in bloom.

Please do be mindful that it is still in its infancy and needs time and space to become its best …. please help by not stepping in the garden beds and perhaps speak to the plants or sing a cheery song to them as you pass by to encourage them to thrive.

Here’s wishing all a wonderful start and remember if you have any questions or issues Robyn will be in the office weekdays from 3-6pm or call 0409 000 689.

Robyn will be in the office weekdays from 3-6pm or call 0409 000 689.