A big ‘Welcome Back’ to all at Studio 53 Mackay for Term 2.

This is one of the busiest Terms of the year with many students gearing up for Examinations in Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Classical Ballet.  In preparation for the year ahead our local students travel to several Dance Competitions throughout Queensland, including the Mackay Dance Festival.  Along with having fun, students gain valuable stage and performance experience.  There are also Preparatory Workshops for the examinations. (some of these started already during the Easter holidays and were held here in our studios) and Local Theatrical Performances in conjunction with other organisations.

With so much going on – Exhaustion starts to show  (not just with the students!) and Concentration becomes difficult.  It is important during this time however to remember to keep focused and work intelligently in your classes.  Distraction could well lead to injury, especially as the workload over the coming weeks increases.

Make sure to be mindful of diet, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and getting enough rest as possible to help boost the immune system and to ward off unwelcome germs.  This will be very helpful as we slowly roll on into the colder months ahead and the inevitable flu season!

Staying healthy is key to making it through this sometimes stressful and busy Term 2.

So take some time to just “Be” – Focus on your breathing, your stillness, yourself.

In all your endeavours during this time we wish you the very best.